Ice Camera Action

Daughter Eva was recently in an ice show at Blazers Ice Centre in Oklahoma City.

Training for the show was as much about life lessons as it was about learning a skating program. Ten days before the show another skater’s family complained they didn’t want Eva skating to what they claimed was the same music as their daughter’s – the song was Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend, and the clips were so different you wouldn’t even know they were the same song if someone didn’t tell you. At any rate, our wonderful coach, Carmon, and her daughter Catie (a beautiful and talented skater in her own right) choreographed a new program for Eva, and Eva did a beautiful job learning the new program on short notice.

While Eva was initially extremely upset by the change-up, she pulled herself together and made the best of a terribly stressful week. Her original program will be polished and used for competition later this year. Kudos to Eva for learning to take the bumps of life in stride!

Many thanks to dearest Santa Ralph, whose generosity has made skating possible for our family – on top of making certain my children had a Christmas last year, he has provided ice time and coaching for us this year.
Thank you so very much, Ralph – you have made such a positive difference not only in the life of my family, but in the lives of so many others, words really cannot express our appreciation.
Hugs and more Hugs,
The Starfish Family

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3 Responses to Ice Camera Action

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Great job! It sure didn’t look like she had fo learn a new routine. The people who really needed the life lesson are the other skater’s family. But your daughter rose to the challenge, pulled it off beautifully and made them look like exactly what they are — petty, small, envious and insecure. Their problem.

  2. Ralph says:

    Brilliant !! Well done Eva !! xox ๐Ÿ˜€

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