Sweet Treats

Every weekday from 6-8 p.m. is Happy Hour at Hastings in Norman, Oklahoma. Drinks at the Hardback Café are buy-one-get-one-free during Happy Hour, and every once in a while, my family gets to indulge in some rather expensive sweet treats there. I won’t pay nearly $5 for just one drink, but I will splurge and pay that for two!

One recent evening Trin and I shared a mocha frappé while Zack and Jody shared a berry smoothie. I always have the whipped cream from the frappé added to the smoothie – which is the way I think it should be anyway 🙂

Probably my favorite drink on the planet - mocha frappé!

Probably my favorite drink on the planet – mocha frappé!

Even though Trin and I are sharing the mocha frappé, she can’t resist tasting the berry smoothie. I’ll admit…I couldn’t resist, either 🙂

Zack tries to drink as much of the smoothie as possible before taking it to Jody, who is already inside the bookstore.

Despite Trin’s warning that “dad will get mad”, Zack also tries to suck up as much whipped cream as possible before having to go into the bookstore and give up the smoothie to Jody.

It’s hard to avoid watching cable TV – we don’t have it at home and Trin succumbs to the temptation rather than continue monitoring Zack’s smoothie consumption.

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3 Responses to Sweet Treats

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Now I’m thirsty 🙂

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