Call Me, Maybe

Stranger to my daughter Rane than the phone on the wall in the old church fellowship hall was the fact that it actually rang! Rane answered it, to discover that Trin had called from her cell phone to relay a list of items to bring outdoors to last summer’s watermelon feast.

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Of course, I remember the days of corded phones, and how important it was to get the longest combination of handset and wall cords in order to carry the phone around the house. When I was young, being able to carry the phone around the house was most important for seeking privacy; when I became a mother, carrying the phone around the house was most important for being able to carry on a conversation while simultaneously keeping track of my children and tending to housework.

I remember how wonderful cordless phones seemed to be when they first came out, and then how odd caller ID seemed to be when I first encountered that at a friend’s home. Of course, caller ID is essential to my sanity anymore, especially since a chain of insane events a number of years ago led to my developing what any sane person would call a phobia regarding phones.

Nowadays, cell phones irk me, and the only cell phone in my family is the one my teen daughter Trin takes to school with her in case she needs to let me know to pick her up there rather than at the bus stop. Without caller ID, I wouldn’t know it was Trin calling me during the day or one of any number of people I’d rather not spend time talking to. Even my best friends know I’m not much one for phone conversations.

I remember the first time I ever saw someone with a cell phone – it was at a Lowe’s many years ago. I thought the woman talking to her husband over the phone while walking through the isles was nothing short of lazy – seriously, why didn’t she make a list before she left her home to go shopping? And seriously, didn’t she think it might be a bit bothersome to the rest of us shoppers to have to listen to her carrying on about what she should or should not be looking for? Back then, I couldn’t imagine that the entire world was going to turn into exactly that experience repeatedly endlessly everywhere I go now.

The most irksome thing about cell phones, to me, is that people seem unable to drive without one glued to their ear. Worse, too many people seem to believe they can text while driving. I know from experience texting and driving don’t mix…10 days from now will mark 2 years since I was rear-ended at a stop sign by someone who was texting while driving. That was a life-changing experience, to say the very least. And to this day, I don’t like texting at all.

The long and the short of this post is that I don’t have a very good relationship with phones of any sort. Most anything I need to know or converse about can be transmitted in some other fashion that is less disturbing to my life, let alone my sanity. The phone at the church was an interesting encounter for Rane. For me, it was just a walk down memory lane.


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7 Responses to Call Me, Maybe

  1. Ralph says:

    I normally just use my house phone as it is part of the internet package I have and they give me 300 minutes a month from Spain to England calls free. My cell phone I only take out with me for emergencies. Another great post Lyann 😀 Ralph xox

    • LyannV says:

      Thank you, Ralph. If it weren’t for just a few important calls that come through, I wouldn’t have even a house phone. The cell phone I had briefly for my trip to Atlanta last summer is now just another camera and the younger children play games on it. I’m glad you have a cell phone for emergencies – that’s really what I think they should be limited to 😀

  2. Ralph says:

    I have a friend here who took a dog for a walk on a stoney path miles from nowhere, slipped, twisted her ankle and it took her hours to hobble home as she didn’t have her cell phone with her. If she had it her husband would have found her in a matter of minutes in his Range Rover. So I always take my cell phone just in case.

    • LyannV says:

      Definitely, cell phones are worth having for such situations. Not very long ago my husband and Zack and I had to walk a mile and back to a gas station. We thought we had enough gas to get to town, but found out the hard way we were wrong. My husband wanted me to wait in my truck while he and Zack went for gas (and a gas can), but it was after dark and I told him there was no way I was staying by myself on the outskirts of town…even though it meant I got to go that 2 miles on crutches. Sure would have been nice if we’d remembered to take Trin’s cell phone with us that night!

  3. Lyann, I guess I have a bit of a love, hate relationship with ‘phones. I love it when family or friends telephone, hate it when the call is for marketing purposes – some one is calling me uninvited to try to sell me something I don’t want or need.

    I use my mobile telephone sparingly as I don’t like the idea of being on tap all day every day – it is fine to have uninterrupted time to myself.

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