A First

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter Rane is intent upon becoming a storm chaser.

On Sunday, May 19, 2013  Rane and I chased our first storm and witnessed our first tornado –

You can read more about the supercell storm that raged through Oklahoma here.

An update: the next day, on May 20th 2013, a massive tornado tore through Moore Oklahoma leaving a wide swathe of unimaginable devastation.

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19 Responses to A First

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Does she still want to be a stormchaser? Hope you’re all ok and haven’t suffered a lot of damage.

    • Thank you for asking – we have friends and family who lost everything in the big tornado, but my immediate family is ok and our home is still standing. Rane does still want to be a storm chaser. Some tornadoes are just out of everybody’s league, but mostly it’s possible to keep out of the way and just watch the storm. We’ll be chasing again!

  2. Ralph says:

    What fun for Rane !! I hope you are safe and have a safe room to hide in just in case. I am thinking of you all. Ralph xox 😀

    • Thank you Ralph – that chase was fun, but the tornado the next day was completely out of our league. We do have 2 places in our neighborhood to go to take shelter. Thank you so much for checking on us – you are a dear and wonderful friend 🙂

      • Ralph says:

        Maybe the Moore tornado will be a wake up call for Rane, as that one must have been very close and personal. In the future maybe she will invent a way to stop them.:D xox

      • Strange – I’m certain I replied to this, but I don’t know where those words went! 🙂 The Moore tornado, and the smaller ones that day, were certainly disconcerting…but I think Rane is more resolved than ever to not only become a storm chaser but a researcher as well. It is increased warning lead times which save lives, along with increased safety engineering. I have no doubt that eventually Rane will join the ranks of those who are working toward minimizing the tragedy of storms like the one that hit Moore on 5/20/13. The day we chased this storm to Shawnee was very different than the day the tornado hit Moore – there’s no way to really explain that, but it’s the truth. The air was different, the thunder was different…there will be more days when chasing will ‘safely’ be on our task list, and – sadly – there will be more days like the 20th. I’m glad there are people dedicated to understanding these forces of nature, and I’m proud of Rane for not letting fear keep her from becoming a storm chaser and researcher. I’ll admit, I’m a bit rattled, but Rane isn’t at all 🙂

      • Ralph says:

        Hi Lyann. Thank you so much for telling me about Rane and what her future objectives are. I hope Eva’s graduation went ahead as planned. Carmon told me how wonderful and professional Eva’s skating routine was. I hear very little about Zack and Trin and I hope they are fine. Stay strong Mom !! Ralph xox 😀

      • Hi Ralph,   Eva’s graduation went smoothly, and I’m pleased with Carmon’s assessment of Eva’s skating program. Eventually I’ll get that posted. Trin and Zack are struggling a bit more these past few days than Rane and Eva. Trin mostly talks about how the time is passing, and how unreal it seems she’s going to be a high school sophomore next year. She’s been having trouble sleeping, but I’ve been up through the night myself, so we’re working through things together. She heard the tornado going up the highway past her school on Monday.  Zack seems very troubled about the children who lost their lives in the school in Moore. As I’ve mentioned, the Norman schools kept students during the storm, and since I’m without a cell phone ( and we were already without power from the Sunday storm) there was no way for me to know what was going on – besides the strange thunder – until I went to a neighbor’s house to ask if they knew if the children were on the buses coming home. By that time there were reports of a tornado bearing down on Franklin, which is our community, and it wasn’t feasible to go even to the elementary school, which is only a couple of miles from home. Part of the elementary school motto is “always safe” and I think Zack just doesn’t believe that anymore. Eventually we’ll all get our minds right, and it helps that summer break is about to begin and everyone will be home together all day every day. I don’t feel very strong right now, but I am working on it! Trying to just make the days as normal as possible :)  Hugs and Love, Lyann


      • Ralph says:

        Thank you so much for telling me all about your children. I do hope that this was a one-off for Zack. Would it be okay if I copy your last reply about your children into my comments as so many care about you ?? 😀 xox

      • Yes, that will be fine – I have seen the many comments from caring and concerned people on your blog, and I would like to reply to them myself…it is overwhelming to see how many people care so much and I can’t find the words to express my gratitude to each and every one. Thank you so much for your love, attention and support, Ralph – it has meant a lot not only to me but to the children to read your comments and e-mails.

      • Ralph says:

        You are so welcome to talk to them if you wish Lyann. This post is for you 😀

      • Thank you Ralph – I may be up to it tomorrow 🙂

      • Ralph says:

        You have told your story so eloquently from a mother’s point of view and should be shown to more people. Thank you for letting me pass your words on. 😀 xox

      • Thank you, Ralph…I’m currently out of words, but I hope your sharing can somehow help others 🙂   Lyann


      • Ralph says:

        I am sure it will Lyann 😀

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