Ozarko 2012

For the weekly photo challenge: Green

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Springfield, Missouri, with the Norman North High School marching band for the Ozarko Invitational marching band competition. This was a remarkable experience not only for the band, which has worked long and hard for many months to earn the invitation to the competition, but for me – I’ve been following my daughter, who plays the flute, all these months since summer band camp…taking pictures at every opportunity.

The Norman North colors happen to be green and black, and the green is most prominent, so this photo challenge seems to be the opportunity to brag photographically on the band a bit. Specifically, I’d like to share photos of the trip to Ozarko 2012 where North place fourth – no small feat for a band that competed with no props against numerous bands with many fabulous props.

It actually took 3 tour buses to carry the band, plus 2 trucks full of equipment. I’ll admit, I think it was good that the school board purchased 2 tour buses, although I wasn’t convinced the money was well spent until I travelled with the band. Norman has 2 high schools (Norman High and Norman North…my husband attended “Norman” many years ago, while Trin attends “North”).

Notice the Norman North logo is green!

I spent most of my time following the tubas, who march to the beat of their own drums everywhere but on the field. They never simply follow the band, but sidetrack anything they encounter – like light poles and driveways. Who’d have ever thought that tuba players are anything but dull?

The entire band has their photo professionally taken

…and the flute section has their own portrait taken

green and orange – my two favorite colors

the day seemed to grow ever longer

almost showtime

ready for preliminaries

on the field for finals – which I decided to just enjoy and leave the photography to the professionals 🙂

It was a long, hard day – but it was all worth it 🙂


Big Band

On the March


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3 Responses to Ozarko 2012

  1. carolann5 says:

    I love seeing all the wonderful pictures of you and the family. Many hugs to you. Love you so much and so proud to call you my Sis.

    • LyannV says:

      Hugs, hugs, and more hugs to you, Dear Sis! I’m so happy to see you here in the blogosphere at long last 🙂 I love you, too, and can’t wait to visit your new blog many times over

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