Up, Up and Away

For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

My husband, my son, and I recently traveled to down Dallas (again – photos from our first trip are here) to see the hip specialist. The doctor’s office is up on the 7th floor, where Zack always enjoys looking out the window.

While we were in the waiting room and trying to while away the time (do doctors ever run anything but late?) Zack held his feet up for me to experiment with camera shutter speed.

On the way back out of Dallas to head home to Oklahoma, it was fun to look up at the city buildings. Closer to home, we stopped at Turner Falls to check out the scenery from a hilltop lookout.

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Vaishnava, wife, mother
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7 Responses to Up, Up and Away

  1. Ralph says:

    Lovely photos Lyann. Ralph xox 😀

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  3. mithriluna says:

    Great set of pictures. I like how you and your son played with the shutter speed.

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