Tornado Alley

Daughter Rane just turned 13 – so now we have 2 teenagers in the house!

In response to the tornado-happy-birthday-drawing I did for Rane, a friend of mine asked, ” Is the tornado a reference to being 13? That is a hard age for many girls.” My reply was, “Well, I hadn’t thought of that with Miss Rane…she is a real sweet-heart. The tornado is a reference to her dream of becoming a storm chaser…while so many little girls dream of horses (or, they did – I did – when I was little, anyway!), Rane dreams of tornadoes. So far, I’m lucky that neither of my teens (Trinidad is the other one) has had the effect of a tornado upon my life.” 🙂:)

Rane designed the tornado for her birthday cake, and made certain to wear the new t-shirt she got at the National Weather Festival last weekend. Tomorrow Rane is going on a tour of the National Weather Center and the OU School of Meteorology…talk about one happy girl – our family’s future storm chaser!

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