New and Improved

I hope!

When I set up this blog in December of 2010, I identified strictly as a mother and ice-skater; back then I was a figure skating mother 🙂

Now, that identity is a distant memory…in five weeks I will have been ‘back in school’ for a year, and in four months I will have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies. I identify now as a student and a writer; of course, I am still a mother…and the kinks are being worked out of what until recently was only “technically” a marriage. But I haven’t been a skater in nearly a year…

So, I am in the process of developing a new and improved life in more ways than one. And I hope when I am able to return to skating I find that I am at least an improved skater, since I no longer qualify as “new” in any sense of that word or its application to my self. A new and improved life, an improved if not new marriage – right now that satisfies my sense of ambition.


About Padma

Vaishnava, wife, mother
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